Sunday, February 12, 2012

Redrawing Democracy Again

The earliest posts on this blog are a series I had written on an even earlier blog (my old site which no longer exists) on a blueprint for an entirely new kind of government. Nearly a decade has passed since I originally wrote these essays, and I've continued to put a lot of thought into the subject over that decade.

That original plan suffered from severe complexity issues. I've also learned a lot more about economics, delving deeply into both Austrian economics and Geoist political economy. Finally, I have, in the interim, pretty much completely lost my faith in what many of the founders (United States) referred to as "parchment barriers" (bills of rights, lists of enumerated powers, etc.) to contain the abuses of government... but I've also been finding other methods. Over the past month or so, my thoughts on the subject have begun to gel into something coherent.

This, over the next few months, I will be posting to this blog again. I will try to keep the articles short and purely descriptive, leaving the theory behind it and my predicted outcomes for a longer work I intend to publish at some point in the future.

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