Thursday, July 16, 2009

Governor Schwarzenegger: Baby Geoist?

Over at, I discovered a reference to a letter California Governor Schwarzenegger sent to the California Assembly Bill 32, which would, among other things, create a greenhouse gas cap-and-trade system for the State of California. Among the options mentioned are both the free distribution and the auctioning of emissions rights. And it looks like the main purpose of the letter is to promote the idea of auctioning those rights and then distributing the money back to the people.

This is a tiny step toward a more fully geo-libertarian policy. For the right to the limited capacity of the atmosphere to absorb pollution qualifies as a form of Rent, in the classical sense; and distributing that rent, rather than spending it centrally, is specifically geo-libertarian in nature. Does Governor Schwarzenegger know this? Could this be the beginning of a more general trend in favor of geo-libertarian ideas?

All in all, I am very much in favor of this policy.

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