Monday, February 09, 2009

New Name!

Rummaging around in my old posts, I ran across a name: Eugene Plawiuk. I decided to check out what he's been up to in the world of blogging, and (re?)discovered Carnival of Anarchy, a left anarchist site. It seems there's something going in in Greece, that has a lot of energy and little direction. But I was more interested in this post, in which Marja E briefly touched upon her journey from state socialism to more of a true anarchism, or "anhierarchical libertarianism." Stories like this make me happy. It tells me that we are, truly, aiming at similar ends; that it is merely the means and flavoring where we truly differ.

I've had an image in my mind for some time, a roughly two-dimensional political spectrum model with the usual "left" and "right", but circular, and inverted, like a Moebius Strip. Those who go far enough Right (like a Rothbardian conservative), or far enough Left (like an anarcho-syndicalist), find themselves, if they bother to look, occupying very similar territory. My image has us, who have journeyed to this point from Left and Right, unaware of our proximity since each of us stands on the opposite side of the strip (I may have to make an icon to show this). But if we would but look over the edge, we might see the other staring back, close enough to touch.

I am one who started out by journeying Right, along the path laid down by my fathers before me, both my physical father, and my political fathers... those we call the Founding Fathers. But the further right I went, the more I found myself in the company of others who journeyd from positions I once considered implacable enmities. Now I look over the edge to the side, and I call out to my fellow travlers... from the Dark Side of the Mobeius Strip.

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