Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Hands Off Iran

Okay. So Chris Hedges has declared that, should the Administration attack Iran, he will not pay his taxes. This is an issue I myself have wrestled with privately over the past couple years--what would it take for me to rebel against the Government in this fashion? Given the accelerating violations of constitutional law by the governing elite, I think we can consider ourselves at the point where the government is now fully illegitimate.

I will now declare openly what I have considered privately: if the Administration declares war on Iran, I will take the actions recommend by Chris Hedges. I modify this only slightly: if Congress can actually muster the political will to make a proper declaration of war, I will continue to pay my taxes. If, however, we have the Administration committing yet more illegal acts of war, I will join this tax revolt.

Somebody set up a pledge site. I think a message needs to be sent.

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Cranky Weasel said...

As an outsider looking in to America, I don't believe there's any way that the U.S. will engage in military action with Iran.

No matter how good the reasons for war are, I don't think the U.S. could afford to wage it.

I see the U.S. massively scaling back their international military presence in the next decade, and porcupining (is that word?) on their own soil while they work out their economic future.

Tarvok said...

I think you underestimate the blind militarism that has overtaken the Presidency, and the degree to which our Congress has degenerated. You are exactly right: we could not afford it. If your prediction is correct, that is effectively a prediction of a Ron Paul presidency, which, of course, I enthusiastically support (to the tune of probably $500 or so at this point, with more to come).

I hope you are right. I fear you are wrong. I expect that, whatever happens, the next twenty years or so are definitely going to qualify as what I believe the Chinese refer to as "Interesting Times."