Friday, July 27, 2007

Will The Youth Show Up (at the polls) This Time?

Recently, I have taken to monitoring, a conservative blog site. One of their bloggers recently wote a piece entitled "Save the Republican YouTube Debate." Apparently, most of the Republican candidates for the nomination are refusing to participate in the CNN YouTube Debate the Democrats participated in recently. It seems they are afraid of having to see a snowman asking them questions.

One of the points raised in the comments section is the question of whether Republicans can afford to ignore the youth. Here is an example of an answer to that question:

No YouTube by scarchin

I can't believe anyone thinks this is a good idea.

This YouTube crap continues us down the path begun when Clinton answered the "boxers or briefs" question.

Republicans should not participate and remind voters -once again - who the grown-ups are.

BTW - The original post states that "Republicans cannot write off the youth vote. A recent poll showed Democrats with a staggering 24-point advantage among 18 to 29 year old voters." Sorry pal - we CAN write off the youth vote. They don't show up - never have. A 24-point advantage of nothing is nothing.

So here's the question, my fellow "young people": will scarchin be proved right? Or are we going to show up at the polls in record numbers, just to vote for Ron Paul? I'm not talking just about the general election. We need people to show up for the primaries. Register yourself Republican. Show up. Vote. Our future depends on it.

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