Thursday, May 24, 2007

US Warns Iran as Armada Enters Gulf

"The US today threatened new UN sanctions to punish Iran's nuclear drive as it ratcheted up tensions with the biggest display of naval power in the Gulf in years. A bristling US armada led by two aircraft carriers steamed into waters near Iran for exercises, hours before UN watchdogs said Iran was expanding its uranium enrichment program..."

This is something I haven't seen much of in the news I read recently. Most of what I've seen has to do with the Republican debates, and how everybody is excited by Ron Paul's cantidacy. Let us not forget that the election is still some time away, while our current President is steadily moving the government along toward war with Iran.

People will say "but they're making nukes." Indeed, the press is afire with reports of a steadily increasing program of enrichment. Remember, however, that this is the same bunch that was absolutely certain there were WMDs in Iraq.

Even if they are building nukes, honestly, it doesn't scare me in the least. They'd have to be incredibly stupid to actually use them. Of course, once they have them, we'd have to be incredibly stupid to invade, which is probably what they're going for--assuming they are building them at all. The US Government has a history of invading and abusing nations that cannot defend themselves--they leave people who do have nukes alone.

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