Monday, October 16, 2006

Why We Want to Lose

There can be no doubt that there is an element in this country that does not want us to win in Iraq and Afghanistan. Such people typically crow words along the lines of "I told you so," at every piece of bad news (well, bad for "us") that comes out of those places. We scoff in disbelief at official announcements of progress or optimism as to the outcomes of those conflicts.

Typically, confronted with an accusation of wanting our forces to lose, such a person will bluster defensively. "Of course I don't want us to lose. I support the troops! I just don't think we're doing the right thing out there." or "I'd like to see the goverment succeed at its publicly stated goals. I just don't think we can, and I don't think those are their actual goals."

Let me just say that I am among those that want to see us lose Iraq and Afghanistan. I want that uprising to get so big, so powerful, so cohesive (or chaotic), that our forces are literally driven from their shores. Mind you, it would be far better for us to get out before that happens (assuming it isn't already happening... and I fully support those troops who decide to get out despite orders to the contrary), but I want to see our forces exit in defeat. I want to see the current administration's policies thouroughly repudiated... every bit as thouroughly as Stalinism was when the Afghans routed the Russians.

Part of the reason for this is fear. Should the government succeed in its crusade against "Anti-Americanism" abroad, I have no doubt it would then turn its power inward, toward "Anti-Americanists" at home--such as Geo-Anarchists like myself. I wonder: could I be prosecuted for treason for opposing the government's policies? I'm probably toeing a line when I encourage soldiers to go AWOL (though I do think mass defection would be good for the country). Would prosecution even be necessary, if the President were to get everything the current adminstration wants in the way of authority to arrest and hold without charges?

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