Monday, September 04, 2006

Steven Haze

I have a few two-word phrases which characterize Steven Haze and his cantidacy.

Incumbant's Paradise

If there is any proof that the practice of electing people by Gerrymandered districts is a recipe for the subversion of democracy, California District 21 is it. Just look at the funding difference betwee the two! Devin Nunes (Republican) has literally raised sixty times as much for his cantidacy as Steven Haze. The vast majority of Nunes' contributions come from PACs. I'll go into more detail when I do an article about Devin Nunes, and resist the temptation to go after him, as well.

Flaming Liberal

Yes on abortion, yes on tax increases for the rich, yes on gun control in any and all forms he can find. The only nominal positive I could find were his insistance on welfare recipiants be kept in training and/or work programs. While such programs would ultimately amount to little more than a subsidy to "training companies" and/or bueraucracy which has the ability to fill out forms declaring themselves "in compliance," but at least it would also serve as a way to make welfare more trouble than it's worth for some.

Then again, it would probably serve as little more than a statist indoctrination program, so even this seems to be a bad idea. (I would prefer either eliminating welfare altogether, or simply replacing our complex of welfare, real estate tax deductions, and business subsidies with a simple, flat, citizens dividend.)

The worst part of it is he's not a "flaming liberal" where it really counts: in today's foreign policy! He isn't against the war by any means, favors our continuation in Iraq, but would like to ask for a little help from other countries. Pah!

Stay Home

No, really. He's involved in some things I support in this area, including the Sierra Foothills Nature Conservancy. These are the sorts of organizations that, if my money weren't being seized by various governments for these purposes, I'd financially support willingly. (As it is, I'll barely be able to make rent once I'm out on my own again, and a good quarter of my income goes to pay the obvious taxes--never mind the hidden ones.)

The Verdict

Given his incredibly low level of support (Devin Nunes is going to win this election, no question about that) and his incredibly weak position on the Iraq War, Steven Haze will not be getting my vote. Mind you, neither will Devin Nunes. The only other registered cantidate is the Green Party cantidate, John Roger Mills, who I'll be watching a little closer from here on.

I have got to find some way to get involved in politics in this town...

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