Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Legalizing Marijuana - A New Republican Strategy?

Dugg up on digg.com:

The Republican Party has a new voter registration project in Fresno. It involves luring people to sign a LEGALIZE MARIJUANA petition and then re-registering them as Republicans.
There's more to it than this, however. First off, the petition first looks like a ballot proposition, but if asked, they admit that it is merely a petition, which will be presented to a prominent lawmaker. When told "I do not want to re-register" they don't take no for an answer. Read the article, please.

Yet another reason to consider the Republican a despicable and corrupt party. If those folks were genuinely on the payroll of the Republican Party... I am at a lost for words. I suppose this is merely my first encounter with blatantly corrupt electoral strategies, and in my hometown, no less! But, dear Lord! What are these people thinking?!

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