Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The Bad of obsolete Law Retirement Committee

Here's something I think our (Republican) lawmakers could do to prove the devotion to a reduction in the size of government they claim to have during their campaigns.

There should be a committee established at the various levels (Congress, state legislatures, etc.) which has the purpose of proposing the repeal of various laws and acts. Their job would be to look for laws that seem either dishonestly established, ineffective in their stated purpose, or just plain obsolete, and propose that they be repealed. They would, hopefully, be able to do full research on the history behind an act, including the problem they were supposed to address, the arguments made in favor and against, the actual history of the enforcement of the law, the effects of said enforcement, the names of the yeas and the nays, and the lobbyists who backed the act.

They've got committees for every other purpose. Why not this? I think it would shed a lot of light on the actions of our government, and might actually have the effect of rolling back a certain amount of it.

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